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We are so sorry this happened to you. When multiple people are shopping and they have the last of a particular item in their cart, one of them will complete checkout before the others and that person will get the item. That item will now be considered "sold out" and the other customers will have the item removed from their cart as there is no more available.


Please note these products are not eveluated by the FDA. We make no claims that these products heal or treat any medical conditions. Havana 78 Artisan Soap Co. is not responsible for any damages or health issues that may arise from usage. Buyer is aware of this and by purchasing agrees to the above. Make sure to fully read and understand our ingredients list. Products are intended for adult use only, unless stated otherwise.


Skin Allergies: Although we do test on willing humans, we still highly recommend to always test a small area of skin. After waiting a period of 24 hours before continued use, please check skin to make sure no irritations have occured. If you do have a negative reaction, we recommend discontinuing use of that product. Seek medical attention as/if needed. Nut Allergies: Please note many of our products contains oils made from tree nuts and seeds. We use the same equipment when making our products and cross contamination is possible. Again, please fully read and understand our ingredients list.


  • When using our products in the bath or shower, please be careful. The oils can make the tub or shower slippery.
  • Also, salts/sugar and oils are not meant to go down the drain. Please let the hot water run for a minute or two prior to exiting the bath or shower.
  • Although some of our products may look edible, please refrain from consumption. Besides, soap doesnt really taste good.
  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Do not burn for more than four (4) hours at a time.
  • Discontinue use once there is about a half inch (1/2) of wax left.
  • Burn candle away from drafts, heat sources and anything flammable.
  • Keep out of reach of pets and children.
*Our candles come in a coconut shell with a base. In order to prevent possible tipping, please place ontop of stable object like a glass container in order to provide stability and prevent accidents.


  • Extend the life of your soap bar by allowing to dry between use. A great way to do this is by using a soap dish, especially one that allows water to drain.
*Wooden Soap Dish Care: You can extend the life of your soap dish by using them in pairs. Use one dish for 2-3 weeks and then switch out with a seoncd dish while allowing the first dish to dry out completely. Repeat with the second dish and so on. Given the nature of wooden soap dish, doing this will prevent mold and mildew from developing and growing on your soap dish and greatly extend the life of the dish.
  • Some of our products are made with oils/butters that hold may forms, i.e. coconut oil. Hot or cold temperatures can affect the texture and/or consistency of some of our products, i.e whipped soap, body butters, etc.
  • Temperatures below 76 degrees will cause some products to firm up. Again, don't worry! In this case, stir a bit and it will fluff right back up.
***Weather may slightly alter the apperance of your product, however, it will not affect its use.


Vanilla: sometimes products made with certain fragrnaces such as vanilla can turn brown. This is due to the vanillin content. This is an esthetic issue and does not affect the product. Vanilla Stabilizer: in some cases, a vanilla stabilizer may be used in order to counteract the natural browning of vanilla. In this case, lighter colored soaps may get some red discoloration over time. This does not affect the product. Fruits & Vegetables: some of our soaps include fruit/vegetable purees. In this case, over time the apperance may change by some discolorations/darkening. Again, this is an esthetic issue and in no way affects the product's use. ***I do not accept returns or offer refunds for products that have browned or discolored as the performance of the item is in no way affected by discoloration. This is more of an esthetic issue than a product quality issue. *We at Havana 78 Artisan Soap Co. embrace the natural nature of handmade soaps/products and that includes its natural transformation during different stages from saponification (soap making ) to curing time.


We recommend you to use our products within six (6) months for best results, as the color and fragrances may begin to fade after that amount of time. However, our soaps will still get you clean after the color and fragrance are long gone!



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