Wax: Made of all natural Coconut wax. May contain a small amount of vegetable wax and/or beeswax to fortify the blend.


Wick:  Eco-friendly, clean burning, wood wick made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted and made in the USA.


Vessel: All natural coconut shell. Oval cut approx 4x5 with a base to minimize tipping over. 

*If coconut shell seems unstable, please place ontop of glass jar or other object that can provide a more stable base while candle is lit.


Burn Time: Approximate burn time is 15-25 hrs. 


*Please note, approx weight of each candle is 2.75-3.5oz depending on size and depth of the shell. 

Agua de Violetas Candle

  • *Customer Favorite*

    Why yes we did! You can now douse your entire house too with the smell of Agua de Violetas! Let the nostalgia fill your room.


    Scent: This is a blended mix of fragrance oils in order to achieve the violeta scent. Notes of bergamot, lemon, cucumber water, violet, and jasmine. With deeper notes of cashmere, musk, and sap. Mixed with wild berries and iris.



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